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Put the most robust online REO management software to work for you.
Looking for greater performance and efficiency throughout the REO cycle? Look no further than DispoSolutions. DST’s advanced default property management tool  has been engineered to maximize performance and efficiency while reducing your staffing costs. It successfully:
  • Organizes tasks, dates, properties and closings
  • Maintains communications by all parties involved in a real estate transaction
  • Offers point & click convenience
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Keeps the entire process paperless
  • Adds news features continuously
DispoSolutions can integrate with your servicing platform or stand alone to provide a single, reliable portal for enhanced communications between all parties involved in the transaction.

DispoSolutions features nine modules designed to manage workflow more efficiently:
  • Pre-REO
  • Property Preservation
  • Redemption
  • Eviction
  • Pre-marketing
  • Marketing
  • Closing
  • Post-closing
  • Expense tracking
More accuracy. Less risk.
DispoSolutions has built-in process checks that ensure accurate and complete information to help you make better, more informed decisions:
  • Report cards record objective and subjective measurable benchmarks about agents, vendors and service providers
  • Documents include accept/reject/revise feature
  • Document flow offers automation, prompting and recording
Security is critically important, so DispoSolutions provides a secure login with multiple permission levels for customized accessibility. The entire system is hosted in an industry-standard SAS-70 Level 2 environment. And you don’t need an IT staff, because we provide all the IT support.

So many providers. So little time.
DispoSolutions makes it fast and easy to access quality service providers across the country, from appraisers to attorneys. Our national vendor database includes ratings to help you make better, more accurate decisions. New entries, updated information and user feedback are added continually.
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